Sound Sailing Coronavirus Response

Sound Sailing Coronavirus Response Letter March 16, 2020

Hi Sailors,

We on Sailboat BOB are very concerned about the new coronavirus and wanted to reach out to you on this issue. We are closely monitoring the situation in SE Alaska though we understand that our visitors are coming from across the globe this summer and face risks in their travels.

Please know we are taking steps to insure we do not contribute to its spread, and are confident we can provide you worry-free, safe, and spectacular Alaskan expedition.

A little personal bit first. Monique and I travelled extensively in Italy, Austria, and Malta this winter on an incredible trip (we can’t wait to bore you with our slideshow). While there, we did not contract any viruses (other than a weakness for espresso and panninis) thankfully.

But we did see the beginning of the impact this virus is having on travel and tourism. And we are very worried.

Here are a few facts to weigh when planning for travel to Alaska this summer.

As of today, only one case has been reported in Alaska (in Anchorage). Our state is getting up to speed quickly on planning and response. Test kits are arriving and our hospitals and first responders are preparing.

Airlines are going to great lengths to sterilize airplanes and airports, and by summer we are confident that infection rates will be much lower – like a typical flu season.

Airlines and hotels are loosening up cancellation policies.

We are also hopeful a vaccine and treatments will catch up soon (Go science!).

And finally, it has been found that regular handwashing and cleaning all touched surfaces with disinfectant kills this virus. Sailboat BOB is rigorously cleaned before, during, and after charters.

And everyone is saying “Don’t travel if you are sick or have been exposed”. If a passenger does become ill onboard we have response and evacuation plans in place.

Here is our request.

By May 1st, we will know more – obviously – and we respectfully ask you to hold off on any major decisions on sailing with us for a month or so.

Make sure airline tickets and hotel rooms are refundable.

Have excellent trip/travel insurance. Many policies don’t cover epidemics, but many do cover the insured’s medical conditions, trip interruptions, and evacuation.

Look into trip coverage on your credit cards. We found that ours covers car rental liability. Good to know this stuff.

We have revised our cancellation policy and we will work with you to apply your deposit to a future charter later in this season, or in 2021. If that is not possible we will refund any deposits minus $250/per person.

Of course please, please let us know if you have concerns. We will stay in touch on any news, and are doing everything we can to make sure your time on Sailboat BOB is an incredible and safe experience.

We can’t think of a more peaceful and safer place than a secluded bay or out sailing on the Inside Passage. And we look forward to making it happen for you.


Capt. Blain and Monique Anderson
Sound Sailing – S/V BOB
Sitka, Alaska

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