Sound Sailing Alaska Photos & Video Gallery

We have been very lucky to have hosted several professional film-makers aboard the BOB. Please enjoy a taste of their talents.

Icebergs on American Adventure Survival Science

The Meaning of Wild

Celestial Navigation on American Adventure Survival Science

Sound Sailing – S/V BOB promo video 2013

Enjoy a few Alaska photos from past trips. We are constantly updating our photo gallery, and deciding which of 10,000 photos to post is part of the fun. Thank you to everyone who has submitted photos to the BOB, or has been a model. We love the great pix our guests take. Keep shooting!


We’ve created 2020 album on Google Photos – check it out! View photos from years past.


Please note that we limit the distance we get from whales and other marine mammals. Sometimes they choose to come closer but we take whale approach guidelines very seriously. Most of the close-up animal photos were taken by photographers with very strong telephoto lenses. For more information on whale watch guidelines see: