Meet The Crew – Our Alaskan Sailing Experts

Blainalaska sailing experts

Capt. Blain Anderson loves to show off Alaska. His sailing credentials include over 18 years of boating and sailing experience in Alaskan saltwater where he holds a US Coast Guard Masters License. Over the years, he has acquired a lengthy resume of leading trips to some of the wildest and most remote country in Alaska. Trained as a biologist, Blain loves Alaska’s amazing wildness. He enjoys interpreting the natural history and flora and fauna on hikes and beach walks. He also loves to catch fresh fish, crab and shrimp. In addition, Blain is a skilled cook and enjoys sharing his love of good food. You’ll enjoy his grilled salmon and halibut.


Moniquealaska sailing experts

Monique Anderson has hiked, skied and boated with Blain around the wilds of Alaska.  In 2009, she took a two-year break from her position as a Landscape Architect to sail the Inside Passage with Blain in their 33′ pilothouse sloop Oystercatcher.  Monique loves sharing her passion and knowledge about Alaska fauna and wildlife with guests. Be forewarned, she sometimes enjoys ‘bushwhacking’ along the paths less traveled.  You’ll enjoy her enthusiasm and charm as she prepares fantastic meals to her guests, particularly mouth-watering desserts and fresh breads.  Together, she and Blain provide a unique and unforgettable Alaskan experience aboard Sailboat BOB.


History of Sound Sailing

alaska sailing expertsBlain and Monique purchased Sound Sailing and the legendary S/V BOB in 2012 from Rick Fleischman. We promise to keep running the BOB to the standards Rick and Jen Price have set over the last twenty-five ought years. They built a great business and we are incredibly lucky to call them for advice; but also to call them our friends (though don’t tell anyone).

Capt. Blain & Monique Anderson
Sound Sailing – S/V BOB
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