March 2017: Footloose, foolhardy, and highfalutin it to Alaska

March 2017: Footloose, foolhardy, and highfalutin it to Alaska

Sail Alaska

Spirits are high and the temps are soaring into the 50’s! It must be summer. The repairs and engine replacement in Bellingham are done and the paint’s dry, so why not head to Alaska?

Our cousins the Gordons are also known as the BOB’s southern support team, and are easily talked into an adventure (or a nap in the rare sunshine). We were lucky to have such a great weekend with them on a deserted Sucia Island, and can’t thank them enough for their hospitality and friendship this winter.



The San Juans are strikingly encrusted with enchanting rock formations in the Chuckanut sandstone. Perhaps they are a little too enchanting for some… But after crawling around in the holds of boats for months doing fixes, he wasn’t ready for daylight just yet.

Late June trip still available

Our June 23-29 still needs up to four more folks. It starts and ends in Juneau and we’ll make the most of the incredible whales, scenery, and sailing in Icy Strait. We’ll explore the Inian Islands Wilderness and less-visited outer reaches of Glacier Bay NP. Join us for an unforgettable 7-day trip in some of the most spectacular wild country in Alaska.

Call or email us soon. (907) 887-9446

As mentioned, BOB was treated to a new engine for Christmas. Our mechanic advised us with a new motor we should “Run it like ya stole it”. So, we’ve been enjoying a second adolescence in the local waters and waking the crap out of anyone within a mile. I am sure our spotless reputation is a bit sullied.

Still some open cabins in Glacier Bay trips. Surprise your honey with trip to go get ice.





Monique celebrated her 21st birthday again aboard. She can’t help herself and just gets more fabulous every year.



We have to give a warm shout out to our mentors, former boss, and friends – Terry and Martha Schoenthal as the retire to Europe aboard a beautiful boat to be christened the “Jean”. These world sailors taught us, and took us under their wing years ago (as you can see by how young we were) and exposed us to the good life aboard boats in Prince William Sound. Terry was always ready for a hike, and Martha always handy with a gin and tonic afterwards. Perhaps it was their influence that softened us up to irreverent (and short) boat names. Well, fair winds Schoenthals. We hope to share fenders someday again.

We are dreaming of Alaska pretty hard. The trip back to the last frontier begins April 5. You’ll be able to read all about it next month. Or meet us in Alaska – and we’ll tell you all about it…