March 2019 News – Sail Alaska

March 2019 News – Sail Alaska

Sunshine and daisies (almost).
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When the ground is colder than a steel cable…

Our backstay has become a song sparrow hangout. We’re okay with that. We do wish they would potty-train the eagles, though.

Come on up to Alaska and enjoy a break from the heat this summer. Our deck makes an excellent perch to eat grapes, or just sport your cool lid and spot whales. Open to 6 lucky folks. Trips still available.
Grandma power!
A neat story was posted on Facebook on how orca pods survive in a tough world through the knowledge of their matriarchs.

Well nobody likes watching a slideshow of some else’s vacation… So how about a video?

We saved our tip money this past summer and decided to get certified in diving; On the island of Bonaire, of all places. We had heard their coral reefs were in great shape, and the risk of getting eaten by a shark was low.

In addition to learning to SCUBA all around the island, we spent three glorious days on someone else’s sailboat. Captain Norman took us to Klein (little) Curacao and back on his Phoenix. He posted a cute video of the affair. Sorry, but there’s some light swing dancing involved. We hope the iguanas didn’t mind.

Hooks are sharpened. The crew is looking forward to king salmon season this spring, and we’re hoping for a couple of these beauties in Sitka Sound.
A little fame this month for us as a featured reader photo in Alaska Magazine.
We still have a primetime Glacier Bay trip open this summer. 
  May 30 – June 8. Three cabins available 10 days Glacier Bay NPThese trips are 10% off:
  May 13 – 19, 2019, Sitka to Juneau 7 days (King salmon fishing, and whales)
September 5 – 12, 2019, Juneau to Petersburg 8 days (Glaciers and whales)
Call us today for info, or to book a trip.

Simply click on the pretty sailboat for more info or to reserve a berth.