May 2017: Sailing north – We make it to the last frontier

Sail Alaska

May 2017: Sailing north – We make it to the last frontier

Oh, the places you will go…

Our 700 mile journey from Bellingham, WA to Sitka was spectacularly great. And made amazing with two fun crews. Dave (the Easter bunny), Joanna and Rob helped us get over the border, through Canada, and back into Alaska. Travis, Corrie and Sophie joined the BOB in Ketchikan and crewed us back to Sitka, where we happily write this.

Having a competent (and well-dressed) crew gives the paid staff a break (and a lot of entertainment value). Thanks you all.

Did we mention Glacier Bay???

Still some open cabins.
Surprise your honey with trip to go get ice.

Capt. Blain once again put the cap on and taught introductory sailing classes in Sitka last weekend. He had secretly hoped all his photos of the events would be overexposed so he’d have to use this photo…. But…

…fortunately, we had a few good ones. A great looking crop of new sailors. And thank you Sitka Community Schools for hosting again. Can’t wait for next spring!

One highlight of the trip back was stopping in at the legendary Warm Springs Bay and Baranof Wilderness Lodge to see Rick and Jen – the former owners of the boat and business. We were treated royally to fish tacos and brats night. They are now back in Sitka, but you can catch up on their epic snow winter on their blog.

Our first two king salmon are on the smoker as this goes to press. Looks like a good fishing year….